Do manufactured homes use the same building materials and processes as traditional site-built homes?

Today’s manufactured homes are built with the same building materials as site-built homes, but in a controlled factory environment where the quality of construction is superior to what can be done outdoors. HUD’s building code for manufactured housing regulates the design and construction, strength and durability, transportability, fire resistance, energy efficiency and overall quality of a home.

It also sets standards for the heating, plumbing, air-conditioning, thermal and electrical systems. The HUD Code homes also adhere to a thorough inspection system that takes place at each step during the home construction process in the factory. There are major benefits to having your home built in a factory: Consumers benefit from to the technological advancements and cost savings associated with the factory-built process.

  • There is less waste in the factory process than with site-built homes.
  • All aspects of the construction process are quality controlled and inspected per HUD’s rigorous standards
  • The weather doesn’t interfere with construction, cause costly delays and warp or damage building materials.
  • Technicians, craftsmen and assemblers are on the same team and professionally supervised. Inventory is better controlled and materials are protected from theft and weather-related damage.
  • Construction materials, as well as interior features and appliances, are purchased in volume for additional savings.

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